Internet expertise 28 September 2023

  • Website creation
    The knowledge and services to create a complete custom built quality websites from scratch with all the attributes to get exactly what you are after.

  • Free Quality webhosting
    Websites with 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime, High bandwidth, on state-of-the-art hardware Windows ASP and PHP Web servers - all for free. read more.

  • Domain names
    A number of domain name suppliers have been reviewed. But I would now recommend our Australia supplier Queensland Tech for domains names. An alternative is names co, who used to be one of the best suppliers, but they are no longer the cheapest.

  • Improve your website
    Double the hits to your website just by tweaking it. We know exactly how the internet works, and can tell you a great looking website is not enough. We know all the little secrets and can give your website our personal look over for free.

  • Advertise your website
    We can get you massive amounts of good quality advertising. Or, if you have a serious budget, we can boost your website in to the main stream above all your competitors within 24hrs.

  • Further information and Support
    Use our contact form on the right to contact us. Also you can find some support pages from here
    Australia customers, please see our new website: queenslandtech.com.au

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