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Cheap domain names - March 2008 review 09 December 2023

Looking around to buy domain names? Here's a quick summary. Lots of websites claim to be the cheapest, below is a review of the most popular places to get domain names. Many offer further short term discounts, or discount when bought with web hosting.

Been very cheap for some years now and showing no sign of changing. .com .net .org .biz .info all £17.98. for 2 years. £5.78 for for 2 years.

Go daddy

Very popular site in the US mainly because of its good pricing. .com .net and are £9.92 for 2 years.

UK Reg

This is a popular UK site who claims to be cheap. .com .net .org £17.78 for 2yrs. £5.90 for 2yrs.


These people offer .com .net .info .org. biz £17.98, £5.58 for 2 yrs


This company has had a massive amounts of business. I personally think its because of their marketing. I've previously had a bad experience, but, maybe they have since changed. .com .net .org .biz £17.98, £5.96

Fast Hosts

Another popular UK site. .com .net .org .biz £17.98. £5.90


Relatively new company, offering great value. .com .net .org .biz £15.00, £5.00
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